About us

Tourism Corporation

The Corporación Municipal de Desarrollo Productivo y Turismo de Molina is a private corporation financed at least 80% with municipal resources provided through municipal subsidies. It was created in December 2015, formalized before internal taxes in February 2016 and received its first municipal grant in March 2016.

It is made up of an assembly of partners that elects 2 of its directors every 4 years, another 2 are elected by the Municipal Council and the president by law is the mayor on duty. These 5 people constitute the Board of Directors of the Corporation, which meets at least once a semester.


To promote economic and tourism development, by increasing tourism activity, encouraging, promoting, promoting, sustainability and strengthening businessmen and entrepreneurs through training and technical assistance, to raise the competitiveness and quality of life of the people of molinenses.

To contribute to the development and positioning of the commune of Molina as a
sustainable tourist destination in the Central Zone of Chile for national and
international visitors.

Work team

  • Juan Pablo Castillo Arias
  • Carlos Enrique Castillo Ruiz
  • Ivania Denisse Céspedes Poblete
  • Areli Jocabed Garrido Puentes
  • Escarlett Tamara Izeta Rojas
  • Jessica Polet Lagos Quezada
  • Hernaldo Andrés López Pezoa
  • Olga Andrea Oyarzun Oyarzun
  • Gabriel Antonio Ramírez Ramírez
  • Oriana Aurora Saavedra Valdés
  • David Marcelo Bugueño Venegas
  • Mónica Cecilia Muñoz Fuenzalida
  • Aileen Fabiola Campos Rojas
  • Ricardo Arturo Castiglione Garrido
  • Alberto Jesús Martínez Rioseco
  • Michelle Javiera Reyes Contreras
  • Sebastián Alejandro Rioseco Machuca
  • Daniela Paz Pareja Araya